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The agency maintains sufficient pool of pre-screened and pre-qualified workers to support manpower recruitment with expertise on different types of workers. All candidates undergo preliminary screening performed by agency staff with wide experienced in recruitment and placement procedure. The documents submitted are screened thoroughly to determine the qualification of the applicant. Pre-selected candidates will be scheduled for final interview to be conducted by the representative of the foreign principals. All the necessaries will be facilitated by the agency for future deployments of selected applicants. Philcango International Recruitment Services Inc., have introduced a modern job application method called online application. This feature will enable the applicants to transact or submit their applications through  internet. Our trained recruitment staff will promptly attend to all accomplished application forms submitted on-line for evaluation and pre-selection process. The agency has established its philosophy to observed the Standard Operating Procedures of recruitment and placement based on the implementing rules and guidelines set by the concerned government agencies. We see to it that no deployment with hold legal implication as we firmly implementing proper processing of documents applied to all Overseas Filipino Contract Workers globally in a future…

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